It's not often I do online reviews, but I wanted to take the time to chime in on the outstanding customer service and overall experience with Manny and his Blue Ribbon crew. They came highly recommended by our realtor and also by a friend of ours who have used them twice for local Austin moves. Manny was great to work with pre-sale and I had pretty high expectations. On the day of the move his guys showed up on time at 8:30 in the morning and they never stopped moving for 3 1/2 hours, taking special care to consult with us along the way and ensure we were satisfied as they loaded up the truck. They didn't make a single dent or scratch on move-out or the move-in 15 miles away where again they didn't stop moving for another 3+ hours. But best of all the whole team of 4 guys were highly communicative with both myself and my wife. And we had hard stuff to move too, like a jillion ton piano from the 2nd floor. The move was night and day from the last local move we did about 10 years ago. Manny's crew was highly competent and professional. I hope I get a chance to repay them with a referral to a friend or colleague. Oh yeah, and the price was fair too. Not the cheapest, but in line with another bid and I certainly felt like the little extra $ for the quality was worth it.

Dan P.,